Advanced Tactics

Additions and Clarifications

Misplays: if at the end of playing through both playerís decks, they havenít gotten all the point cards, or if someone shuffles when they arenít supposed to, then the players must look through their decks, and pull out and discard the remaining point cards out of the game. No one gets the points for them.


Game Variants

3 player (or more): Each player gets 1 deck to start. On a hand of play, players arrange their lines as spokes radiating from a central point, instead of as parallel lines. Place face down cards to one side or the other of your cards. Play from the inmost set of cards down.

More Points: Each round, instead of just one rank of card counting as point cards, two ranks (or three) do. That means on round 1, Aces and Kings are both point cards. On round two: Queens and Jacks. This makes it more likely that multiple point cards come up in a round, causing there to be more to defend and attack at once.

Double line: Each player makes 3 columns of 2 face up cards, and recieves 4 face down cards to place where they want. Or longer: 5 columns, 2 face up cards each, 6 cards face down each, needs 2 decks per player.

Double wide: Each player makes 10 columns of 1 face up card each, and gets 6 face down cards. 2 decks per player.

Double double: Each player makes 10 columns of 2 face up cards a piece, and gets 12 face down cards. 4 decks per player.

© 2004 Jim DuBois