Armies of the Dead

Errata for Rules in book:

The chart at the end says that when 1/2 is rolled as the minimum number of units, you divide the maximum number of units and round down to find the minimum, but you should instead round up.

Mimics can copy a power of a piece when the mimic is not the main piece, but in that case, they can only copy one power. Ie, they can copy an archer to assist, but since they are not the main piece on that phase, they can't additionally copy any other powers.

Timing on a phase:

Everything each phase usually happens at the same time, so:

Conventions for misrolls:

Doubles power rulings:

New end condition:

If someone can't roll any dice on a turn, at the start, when the are choosing dice for the round, they lose the game. This can happen because that player has no more dice, or because the only dice they have are restricted by the terrain that round.

Conventions for ending the game:

In addition to the game ending automatically when someone can't throw any dice on a turn, a player may "surrender" at two points, for a shorter game. The first point is when all four necromancers are dead. The second point is when all four mimics are dead. These are honorable concessions.

New Pieces:

D30: Bonecrusher: any piece they kill goes to never-never land, unless it was invulnerable, then it goes to the graveyard. Doubles: send one of your active pieces to never-never land, and distribute its value x2 in damage on any pieces you want.

D24: Souldrinker: when it sends a piece to the graveyard, it may take a piece from your graveyard to your reserves that has the same number of sides or less than the piece it sent to the graveyard. Doubles: Take any piece from your never-never land into your reserves.

Bonecrusher and Souldrinker powers only work if all the damage to the enemy up to its value is from the bonecrusher or souldrinker. Therefore archers assisting these pieces don't help them use their powers. But a mimic mimicing an archer and a bonecrusher would assist to bonecrush... except that mimcs can't do that.

New Terrain Dice:

3 dice:
4x2, No 4, 12x 2, No 12, blank, blank
10x2, No 10, 20x2, No 20, blank, blank
6x2, No 6, 8x2, No 8, blank, blank

Non Custom Terrain Dice Chart

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