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Angelus the Necromancer - Adventure Solitaire


Version 1.0 (released March 25, 2008)
- Ported from Palm Pilot to windows!
- New to windows verison:
- Background tiles for each location. Makes it much prettier.
- Difficulty order play through. It auto-sorts as you play.
- Extensive help which shows encounter susceptability to spells and other encounters.

Version 1.1 (released April 3, 2008)

New encounters:
- Iron golem. Stronger golem, immune to bombs + shield + sun
- Huge slimy cubes. They are like slimy cubes, only they move randomly and take more health to defeat.
- Acid Puddles, which take 1 to 3 health to cross, cast acid upon you (to steal more stats) 50% of the time. These are mostly found as cubes move and destroy things.

- Added unique smoke icon for when dragon moves, so you can tell it apart from the lightning destroying something.
- Made difficulty order also sort by score.
- Fixed difficulty order play through.
- Bomb immunity shows on help screen for encounters
- Made help next/prev buttons bigger and more obvious
- Fixed minor bug with timing for teleporters and chaos crystals.

Version 1.2 (released Dec 3, 2009)

- New lightning bolt graphics.
- Hover help, and hover cursor effect. When you are hovering your mouse over the map, it tells you about the item you are hovering over.
- Spell you are casting is shown in hover effect.
- Hand spell background drawn better.
- Wizard help: added '.' at end of sentence.
- When you get "+1 sun boost" (or other boosters) it says instead "+1% sun boost"
- Message box border no longer flashes.
- The splash screen jumps to the main menu after a delay, as well as by clicking or a key.

- Autoplayer re-written to be more effective.
- Visually clicks squares to make it easier to follow.
- Fixed a bug, where it would try to bomb something protected by a shadowmage.
- Now casts desperation spells if it can't do anything else, to see if somethine changes.
- Casts global spells based on total board suscpetibility.

- Fixed skeletons so they do damage.
- Increased number of demo games from 16 to 100.
- 3 new scenarios, 1 new campaign.

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Nostalgia link: the old Palm OS version!