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Why do people like playing these games?

"I play your online games everyday when I am done with work, as I find them uniquely engaging and relaxing in a way that lets my mind let go of all of the stress of the day while I play."
- Yanis Knets, 31, Northampton MA USA

"I stumbled across this game two days ago, while searching (yet again) for a game my 9-year-old and I could play together. I had completely given up on the hope that something was out there that was not totally violence driven, and might, just might, involve some reading. I was floored when I tried Arcane Journeys, as it was almost everything I had been looking for."
- Jane, age 32, Sooke, BC Canada

"I like playing at Arcane Jouneys because it's different than any other site I've come across. Instead of one game, it offers many games with varying duration, challenge and settings."
- Ilona, 19, Finland

"I really enjoy this sort of computer game more than the 'usual crop' of first-person shooters, etc. Your adventure games are fun, with simple interfaces that are easy to learn, with intricacies that are difficult to master. And they are cheap (some free!), as well. What else can one ask from a computer game? Thank you."
- Jim P. Kennedy, 40, Alabama USA

"I like the games at Arcane Journeys because of their complexity, and varying degrees of difficulty. I particularly like that Arcane Journeys is always evolving, with site changes, new features, and updates to the games, which keeps them entertaining, interesting and challenging."
- Karon, 54, USA