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"I'm already enjoying the extra features in Great Desert.

You've a good understanding of how to make simple but very addictive games :-)"
- Paul Chapman, 31, from Leeds UK

  "Feeding your people, gathering others to your tribe and seeing to their spiritual welfare is always a worthy pursuit. Our ancient ancestors did it and in The Great Desert it will happen again (think Mad Max or Tribe-8).
  The simple spreadsheet style statistics belie an immersive game, full of surprises. Lack of documentation might be seen as a failing but it isn't. It creates genuine role-playing. As your tribe grows in knowledge and experience, so do you. This is a game which demands repeated play, as you attempt to better your previous high score.
  The demo sets the scene but the full version adds much more. With a 1000 years you will care more for the fate of your people - Where do want them to be 100 years from now?"
- Gary Breinholt (43) Nottingham, England