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1.0 - beta

1.1 - Fixed crash bug.

- Removed mini icon which showed up on Handsprings.
- Re-arranged stats to put year at bottom.
- Meditation encounters now show up on the main screen, to facilitate quick play, since they had no choices anyway.

- Made it reset currentencounter to 0 when you win.

Unversion: (1.3 +)
- Added score display to top line (+ text in help and rules dialogs).
- Added divider to menu to separate out the clear best score item.
- Removed border from encounter screen.

1.4 (released: June 10, 2002)
- Removed border from main text area.
- Packrat and coyote powers double their respective item finds.
- 2 new encounters (labyrinth and traders).
- Updated URL and copyright year.
- Updated demo (1 more encounter available, cosmetic changes, packrat + coyote updates, put meditation encounters on main screen).

1.5 (released: Nov 10, 2002)
- Fixed traders variables to be long ints in case people traded with huge amounts of stuff.
- Put in high scores lists.
- Put in high score and new game buttons for when a game is finished, to make playing a new game without going to the menu easy.
- Re-arranged an encounter order (ruins).

1.6 (patch existing users only, released // )
- Fix: made the score display the '*'s correctly if your current score is higher than any on the high score table so far.
- Addition: made the score at the top of the screen have '[!]' after it if it is enough to get on the high score list.

1.7 (released: Jan 23, 2003
- Added highlighting of newly added highscores at game end.
- Put graffiti shift indicator on high score name entry field.
- Bolded the choices on the encounter screen to help visually highlight them for faster play (Demo too).
- Caravan encounter now shows how much junk and food you are carrying.
- Inverted a stat to indicate if it is above 99,999 pts

1.8 (released: about may 12, 2003
- Auto backup added.

1.9 (released: about march 4, 2004)
- Fixed a bug with junk to art calcs not using long ints.
- Fixed a bug where knowledge greater than c32000 rolled to negative (now there is an upper limit of 31000, with a code fix in case someone happens to get higher.

2.0 (released oct 3, 2004)
- Moved 'clear' button on high score screen away from 'OK' button, and added a 'Really' button to confirm clearing the high scores.
- Added a new random encounter: bleached bones.
- Added a new fixed encounter: mysterious ruins.
- Added color and small icons.

2.1 (released june 19, 2005)
- Fixed two typos in encounters.
- Changed 'meditation level' to 'Focus'
- 'Pass on knowledge' changed to 'Teach' at the desert traders encounter
- Amount of food and junk brought with wandering tribe increased by x2 and x6.
- Fixed if you make junk from art with more than 6000 people...(Good luck on that happening a lot)
- Fixed the uncommon bug of it crashing when the traders are amazed. (Divided by zero...)
- Knowledge now never goes negative and gets corrected. Instead, there is an upper limit of 32000 for knowledge.

2.2 10/13/2005
- New encounter: Sand Shrine.
- New encounter: Sand storm.
- Baboon power gets new secret ability.
- Changed all stats to long ints, so you can get over 32000.
- Focus drops if people leave the tribe. To 0 unless you have concentration, they by 1.
- Now 10 knowledge gives 1 extra person per meditate, as opposed to 5 knowledge gives 1 extra person. Translation: knowledge is less helpful for meditating, by half.
- concentration doubles tranq made, no focus bonus increase, no +tranq bonus
- Monk tranq bonus when meditating increased by x3, focus bonus by x2 + 5 ( + 35)
- Initial tranq chance down to 5, (focus top increase to 18 from 16). Takes longer to get to max efficiency when meditating.
- Ruins of Ash knowledge per person from exploring down to D(5) from D(10)
- Philosopher power now gives 2 knowledge per turn, up from 1.
- Removed 'study ruins' from ruins encounter.
- Traders: food to junk trades to 1 to 2, and junk to food to 2 to 1.
- Monk power increased (2 to 10 tranq a turn)
- Wandering Mystic results changed to be related to your current stats. The more people or tranquility you have, the better the results.

2.3 12/28/2006
- Added splash screen on start up
- Fixed bug so Oasis encounter shows up
- Fixed a typo