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- Decreased chance of Mystic Aura fading from 20% to 15%.
- You can't lose powers if your basic skill is greater than the difficulty when you win an encounter.
- Added '*' around score display, if current score is higher than the best score. (+ help text for score)
- Fixed bug with steel skin (Sometimes if you had steel skin, and lost an encounter, and steel skin absorbed all damage, the amount shown that it blocked was wrong.)
- Removed some borders from screens.
- Re-titled the encounter dialog.
- A few minor cosmetic changes (such as spacing of words, etc).

- Made Health losses from losing Dexterity encounters cause 1 lost turn per every 10 health instead of every 6 (strength still is at 1 turn lost per each 6 health lost).

- Mushroom forest food to 4.
- Turns lost from running reduced to 1 from 3.
- Put status/items/powers on separate screen to make main area less cluttered.
- Added Mini Exp bonuses for failing to read runes or open doors.
- Added auto junk finding sometimes in the storage cellars.
- Added Electro-Shield item (for 2000 junk at the burning plains).
- Re-did Encounter resolution ('What happens...') display.
- World's edge gives exp for being there.
- Lava heat now sometimes increases maximum health!
- High level monsters now 'exhaust' you to fight when you win. (lose minor health)
- Sleepyness announced more clearly...

1.4 (released to folder: august 9, 2002)
- Added 4 new locations (including climbing up and down from the canyon).
- Changed URLS to new web site.
- Added new encounter type: Demons!
- Re-did the action list, and put in Stats boosts as buttons.
- Added flowers and fruit, hidden tunnel.
- Up/down hardware buttons scroll through action list now.

Demo (in folder august 9, 2002)
- Put in teaser direction buttons.

1.5 (released to folder January 13, 2003, Palmgear ditto
- Put in high score list.
- Put in end game buttons for quicker restarting.
- Fixed minor drawing bugs.

1.6 (released october 15ish, 2003
- Added autobackup.

2.0 (would have been 1.7) released aug 12, 2004
- Took out popup list and replaced with buttons, to speed play.
- Added location "old man's tent".
- Added far ledge location to jump to from mushroom forest.
- Took out singing to the hermit, and added those results to talking to the hermit.
- Secret passages now put directional buttons onto the screen, instead of being special actions.
- Gossiping now gives exp even for failure, and you never lose powers.
- Added waterfall onto river cave.
- Added rock shaft to replace 'climb shaft' actions.
- Removed feeding animals.
- Removed dropping scarab, and now it is always findable in the caves.
- Removed lava chunk.
- Doubled rate of junk collection.
- Doubled rate of junk to tranquility.
- 1/2 times food collection rate.
- 1/2 times junk to art rate.
- Reduced advancement rate from training.
- Increased rate of resting.
- Increased chance of scavenging to 75.
- When you open a door (or find a secret passage), it says which direction you can go in after.
- If you can easily beat an encounter, you get +1 score, and don't go to the encounter screen, to speed play.
- Focus and alert have a greater chance of fading from encountering a demon.
- Added '+ pts' field on main screen, which shows the number of times you can increase your stats currently.
- New Demo made from new code.

Version 2.1 jan 9 2005
- Fixed drawing bug on about (older OS).
- Fixed drawing bug for title showing.
- Fixed astral plane button showing up at end of game (trouble on older OS).
- Made palmgear demo.

Version 2.2 jan 17 2006
- Re-arranged buttons to make play quicker and easier.
- Added color application icons.