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"Just wanted to tell you that I am totally addicted to your game! Thanks!"
- Becca Dugger, 45, near Dallas TX USA

[In response to a free update: ] "Adventure Solitaire just keeps getting better and better.. I absolutely LOVED the addition of water and all the water creatures!! Also the vortex was a darn good idea.."
- Scott Shipley, 19, from Kansas USA

"Adventure solitare is highly addictive and lots of fun! It's my favorite of your palm games."
- Rachel Merrell, 33, from Northampton MA USA

"I was searching the web for solitaire games for my new Palm i705 when I spotted Adventure Solitaire. Attracted by the name I looked over the desciption and decided to download the trial version. I soon was hooked and bought the full version. It was no run of the mill solitaire game, which I liked. Simplistic, yet full of challenge. I found it totally engaging. I look forward to updates."
- Debi Ernst, 42, Belleville, Illinois USA

"[T]hank you for all the updates to Adventure Solitaire...I have never had such wonderful care taken by a developer to better and expand the is a brilliant game, and quite addictive (which I'm sure you've been hearing often)."
- Sharon C., age 40, Maryland USA

"I'd have to say that Adventure Solitaire and Dunes Trader are my most favorite Palm games of all time and I still often find myself replaying."
-- Tim "Lord Gek" Jordan, 37, Springfield, OR, USA

"Having played many a game in my life, on the Palm and elsewhere, and having played Adventure Solitaire many hundreds of times over the years, and thinking how much fun it's been compared to most other games, I think I can safely nominate Adventure Solitaire as:

The Best Palm Game Of All Time.

Consider porting it to other platforms!"
- Ken Zuroski, Age: 45, Pittsburgh, PA USA