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1.0 - Released April 1, 2003

1.1 - Released May 2, 2003
- Fixed: made 'high score' and 'health boost' menu shortcuts different.
- Autobackup added, so if the power fails to your handheld, the game and stats will be restored from the desktop.
- New duration powers: Stasis, which freezes all moving monsters, and doesn't let them do secondary actions, like stealing from you. Deflection, which reduces damage taken by 2/3 when in effect.
- New board items: potions (give stasis power) and gems (give deflection power).
- New help item: show skills and powers.
- New Locations: chemist and armory.
- New interface for duration powers (count down bar): Now you can visually see how many turns a give duration power will last, via a countdown bar at the bottom of the icon.
- Autoplayer updated to use new powers, and to evaluate monsters using toughness skill, as well.

1.2 - released circa May 13th, 2003
- Fixed negative avg scores at high numbers of wins.
- Fixed spell carrying over between games.

1.3 - released circa June 30, 2003
- Fixed hand spell when animation is off (it now clears the space...).
- Fixed autoplayer hand spell drawing (to not crash from indexing outside the sprite array).
- Fixed instant finish campaign bug.
- Added 2 scenarios: Monastery, Moors.
- Added 1 campaign: Haunted Night.

1.4 - released July 22, 2003
- Wizards now give 2 spells.

New Encounters:
- Shadowmages: Friend or foe? They do both good and bad things... such as protect nearby spaces from dragons... and your bomb spells. What else? Find out.
- Rats: Low power pesky enemy that moves sideways when you click their columns.
- Teleporters: Scramble the current location.

- 2 New campaigns: Scumfest, Shadowlands.
- 8 New Scenarios: grab it, traps (my favorite), scum town, rats, chemistry, rats 2, shadowlands, monsterville.
- Autoplayer now counts doors as obstacles instead of fairly easy if it has low lockpicking, so it can get a better score.
- Autoplayer now uses hand spell correctly (it used to cheat!)

1.5 - released. july 31, 2003
- Autoplayer if only set to good, now stops taking good items if a duration power is active.
- Autplayer now doesn't take extra duration powers in duration powers loop if one of that type is active, instead drops it down to the obstacles loop.

1.6 - released sept 3, 2003
- Haunted night campaign made easier by adding in a scenario.
- Rats 2 scenario made easier.
- Monsterville scenario made easier (and therefore shadowlands campaign is easier.)
- Bug fixes.
- Added weird new cheat: cubes.
- In addition to Stasis power, Potions now give 1 health when encountered.
- In addition to their other gifts, clerics now give 1 or 2 health when encountered, and you have positive health.
- In addition to Deflection power, Gems now give 1 or 2 gold when encountered.
- Minor Autoplayer tweak: now blanks and the end signs taken just after good items (gold, food, etc) This only affects when the autplayer is playing at full.

1.7 - released Sep 26, 2003
- Caves immune to destruction by dragons and shadowmages now (affects bandit camp and mountains scenarios heavily).
- Golems, ratlord, 3 vines, wall, gold coin, charm added.
- Scenarios added: Garden, palace, maze 1, maze 2, maze 3, rat lords, buried treasure, dungeon level 2, dungeon level 3, growth (many of these are not standalone scenarios, but hard levels for use in the new campaigns).
- Campaigns added: Exterminator, Wizard war, The Dungeons, Times gone by, Buried Treasure.
- New cheat: add dragon.
- Adjustable animation speed preference added.
- Play through scenario mode now skips the impossible scenarios.
- New play through mode: continue thru. This lets you continue playing through where you left off, in case you hit new game instead of replay or quick restart (which I did repeatedly.)
- Show encounters (under help menu, and from high score screen) now has brief description of each encounter.)

1.8 released dec 10, 2003
- Made a version with HI-ReS icons for Palm OS 5.0 +.

1.9 (released feb 22, 2004)
- Fixed a typo.
- Re-did launcher icons.
- Fixed bug that crashed some sony CLIE machines.

New encounters:
- Water: floods areas near it everyturn, and can turn randomly into fish, sharks or sprites. Fish sharks and sprites count as water for flooding purposes.
- Fish: gives health.
- Sharks: counts as monster.
- Water sprites: gives 1 spell, some health (a water cleric, sort of).
- Phantoms: Move like ghosts when clicked, also summon darkness to the 3 spaces horizontally below them.
- Vortexes: Reflect sun and shield spells at you, causing damage. Explode when bombed, letting chain reactions happen. Deflect lightning to one side or the other. Also steal from you if you try to cast hand spell on them (in case some one tries).
- Rat mages: Teleport when the column they are in is clicked (if they can).
- Mimics: visually look like the space below them in the column, unless that is blank, or a player has magic vision, or they are in the bottom spot of the column.

- Great library, Supply Depot, lake, campground, canals, swamp, phantasms

- Goodies, Lost lake, Knowledge, classic 2, Canals to Crops

2.0 released to folder march 14. + 16
- Adjusted moors location(more chests + locked chests, less blank, to compensate for water and phantoms).
- Took water out of growth and increased charms by 1%.
- Dungeon, reduced phantoms to 1% from 2, increased locked chest to 2% from 1.
- Removed the pond from the estate, and put back the moors.
- Made the rifts in chemistry into portals.
- Increased the location in the difficulty rank of Scum town and bandit camp, and traps.
- Made dragons and shadowmages able to destroy water.
- Made locked chests NOT destroyable by water.
- Increased sun base chance for destroying water spaces to 33 from 20 (1 in 3 as opposed to 1 in 5).
- Increased sun base chance for destroying phantoms to 20 from 15.
- Now water can't flood into shadowmage protected areas.
- Added slightly more descriptive help line for castable spells.
- Removed vines, black pudding, vortex, blast spore from 'medium' column.
- Moved maze, maze 2, dng 2, dng 3, up in the scenario rankings.
- Now each game starts with 1 health, 1 key, and 1 torch.

2.1 Released about May 11, 2004
- Fixed drawing mimics under eye beams bug (they would draw above the beam).
- Fixed typo in autoplayer help.
- Made dungeon lvl 2 and 3 rated impossible, mostly for play through scenarios.
- Changed animation code on scrolling help screens, to try and make it not race on Kyocera machines.

2.2 released to folder june 12, 2004
- New encounters: guards, snakes, Wyrms, tombs.
- New scenario: castle.
- Impossible scenarios not picked during 'random scenario' play.
- Randomly built scenarios now included in 'random scenario' play.
- Autoplayer now ignores shadowmages if statis is active.
- Fixed vortex shifting lightning off of play area!
- Internal: boxout effect() now checks inside itself for jPrefs.AnimateSpells == true
- Autoplayer now is better at teleporters, so they conserve their bombs...
- Edited some bitmaps: lowres cleric, highres demon and flower.
- Autoplayer (on good and fairly easy) won't move ratlords in the top row.

2.3 released around July 1, 2004
- Fixed autoplayer counting wyrm as regular monster and stalling on full play. Now it counts it as dragon strength.
- Reduced autoplayer max retries to 10 from 100 when it is playing through scenarios on full autoplay to show more variety.
- Edited bitmaps: hires snake, lo-res wyrm, hi-res Wyrm, hi-res fish CHECK, lo res color fish, lo-res and hi-res shark, hi-res water sprite (minor), hires thief (minor), hi-res master thief (minor).
- Fixed fatal exception bug if a player hit up or down hard keys from show skills or show stats.
- Fixed drawing shadowmages correctly if a Wyrm or snake ate/moved them.

2.4 - Released march 31, 2004
- Redid autoplayer handling of ranged grief and rats/phantoms - to make it smarter, when playing on full.
- On full autoplay, the autoplayer ignores grief if stasis is active.
- The autoplayer, when on full, now flashes which square is giving it the most grief. Makes it more interesting to watch.
- Redrew hires potion, monster (slightly), monster king (slightly)
- Snakes and wyrms don't count as grief if they have no columns to move to. Useful with partial autoplay.
- Phantoms don't stop the autoplayer from taking things from columns they don't cover. Useful with partial autoplay enabled.
- Fix: deflection reduces damage to a minimum of 1, instead of 0, for all monsters that require you to have health to pass. Damage from water and traps and teleporters can be reduced to 0 still, since you don't need health to pass them. This change is so that you can't tap an encounter over and over to 're-try' it when deflection is active.
- Fixed drawing above eye if snake moved it left.

2.5 - Released Dec 5, 2005
- Wizards immune to bombs.
- Earth crystal encounter added. It destroys most things on the board.
- Chaos crystal encounter added. It re-arranges board, and gives 1 or 2 gold.
- Redrew thief and master thief icons
- Redrew evening some + re-coded how time icons drawn
- Added icons to about screen
- Added title screen when entering the game.
- Made it so some text [day, vertical titles] doesn't have a tranparent background, for a smoother look against the icons (3.5 + only)
- Removed showing times cheated on highscore list. It just cluttered it up.
- Shortened the campaign/scenario pushbuttons on start screen, so they stand out from the list.
- Water (+fish, sharks & sprites) now is +7 to be destroyed by sun spell to start.
- A few minor autoplayer changes.

2.6 - Released April 12 2006

- Added buying items on some scenarios. Mainly now in the cities, you can buy keys, torches and health. Also, some scenarios you can't use gold in at all.
- Changed costs of training skills to sun 45, cross 30, thief protection 15, toughness 20
- Redid end game buttons when playing special scenario styles, to be more useful.

2.7 - Released Dec 11, 2006

- Added: debris, new water encounter which gives you random stuff.
- Added: Tome, gives you 5 spells, and is destroyed by less things than scrolls are destroyed by.
- Some Monsters [Dragon, Wyrm, Monster King, Rat Lord, Slimy Cube] leave stuff behind when you defeat them (but not if you bomb them). Also added a visual effect for when a monster or other encounter leaves something behind.
- Added zap line to blast spores, to make it more obvious.
- Added zap line when Shadowmage takes something off the board, to make it more obvious.
- Clerics immune to shadowmages. It just felt right.
- Chaos and Earth Crystals now don't get destroyed by water.
- Demons always teleport somewhere if they can now.
- Increased Cube starting chance of being destroyed by lightning to 20 from 10.
- Increased all vines starting chance of being destroyed by lightning by 5%.
- Increased snake starting chance of being destroyed by lightning by 13%.

- Added 4 new RANDOM campaigns. They pick which scenarios are in them based on the difficulty of the scenario. Each time is different.
- Impossible scenarios removed from high score list.
- Rearranged the scenario play order to move a few easy scenarios earlier.

- doesn't buy keys if it has more than 1% lockpicking.
- doesn't buy torches if it has any sun spells, or magic vision.
- won't buy health if it can't get its health above 0.
- if set on 'grief', will tap a teleporter if it is in the bottom of a column .in which the most grief causing thing is in.
- buys skills more smartly than it used to.

- Added speed '6' button which is ultra fast with no delays.
- Removed the stop animate spells option, and the stop animate autoplayer option. These are always on now.
- Internal: changed monster damage amounts to be in an indexed table.
- Fixed obscure drawing bugs with dragons flying below, and away from below mimics; lightning shifting into another column from a vortex, and destroying an eye there.