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An Original Palm Game

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  • Complete puzzles that blend fantasy adventure and solitaire.
  • 24 campaigns and 54 individual scenarios.
  • Or have the game create random scenarios for you.
  • Encounter 54 different items and monsters, including: Dragons, wizards, locked treasure chests, shadow mages, thieves, magic scrolls, caves...
  • High scores and ratings.
  • Random scenarios create many hours of play.
  • Choose a difficulty level.

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Palm OS® 3.5 or better required.
"You had this game (Adventure Solitaire) sold to me before I even finished the 'Introduction' Campaign! The game is superb! I can only imagine how much this game is going to addict me once the 'high score' options become available to me [when I get the full version of the game]..."
-- Scott Shipley, 19, from Kansas      What other players say
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